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Naruto Manga 491 | Read Naruto Chapter 491 Spoiler English

Naruto Manga 491 | Read Naruto Chapter 491 Spoiler English. Naruto 491 is the next manga chapter from Naruto that is most awaited by thousands of Naruto manga fanatics.

Manga Naruto Read here:
Chapter 491 of Naruto Manga will be out a week after the release of Naruto Manga chapter 579, another great chapter that surely we cant wait of..

While we are counting the days that will pass for the next chapter to come out, what about reading the previous chapter of Naruto.


Naruto 490 : The Key of Forbidden Jutsu | Naruto Manga Episode 490

Naruto 490 : The Key of Forbidden Jutsu
(Kabuto Scene)
Kabuto : I want to join force with you to crush everyone and Konoha.
Madara : What's with the sudden change of heart?
Kabuto : Both of us have same aim the destruction of konoha and ninja world. So why don't we both join forces.
Madara: ok I will join forces with you …(I know what you are after…..)

Sasuke appears from the door with new sharingan ..
Kabuto : so you really transplanted your brother eyes .hahhaha
Sasuke : how dare you use my brother as your toy. I will kill you right here.

Madara: Calm down Sasuke he is not your enemy we all want to destroy konoha with all our power so we also need his help.
Sasuke : tsk….but remember no one come in between me and Naruto Im the only one who will destroy Naruto and revive Uchiha clan.

Kabuto : thinking….(so things are already so heated up it will be interesting and when they became weak I will kill Madara, Sasuke and Naruto and victory will be mine).

(Naruto Scene )

Naruto still on frog mountain with Sages thinking how will I can control nine tail fox and what about the octopus while thinking in deep thoughts interrupted by sage frog

So Naruto what are you going do now?
Naruto : …. I think I will talk to baachaa and kakashi about the key because kakashi sensei is close to my father and he better know about this key. (if ero-sennin was still here then I might not have problem with the key but I have to do it for konoha's sake and for whole ninja world. Because I don’t wanna any other person to become like sasuke..)

Naruto comes back to village

Sakura met with Naruto and drag him to Hokage tent where kakashi and Tsunade and shikamaru are.

Tsunade : Naruto….thanks for what you did and heard every thing from Kakashi of what happen at Kages summit and about you and Sasuke..

Naruto : Leave these things for later bachaa how are you. Now your are back we are now at our 100% .

Tsunade : …we have place so much burden on you Naruto Im so sorry that I cant do anything for you.
Naruto: What are u talking about Im also the son of hokage these things are nothing for me.
Tsunade: shocked how do you know about your father means fourth hokage .
Shikamaru , sakura and shizune looks shocked that Naruto is the son of fourth hokage .

Naruto : that’s not important right now I just came back from mobuzuka mountain where I met super size great sage and she told me prediction about future concerning me.

Tsunade: ..What did they have seen some thing else about you .(SO naruto really is the child of prophecy who will change the world. Naruto I pray for you so you can change the whole system I which we are living)

So what did sages told u about your future

Naruto : first was about octopus where I meet with someone like octopus
Kakashi : (thinking about eight tail the brother of raikage ) Means eight tail

Naruto shocked means I have to meet with eight tail
Naruto: and about sasuke too where I have to fight with some one with powerful eyes

Tsunade: so it seems that they are fated to fight each other

Naruto : and there is some thing else I want both of ur help mean kakashi and tsunade
Tsunade ,kakashi : what .?
Naruto : summon the key toad and open the scroll
Tsunade and kakashi look shocked that the …

Naruto : yes I have to master it to complete that jutsu so that I can fight with sasuke and madara .

Kakashi : now I understand what was the meaning of eight tail naruto you have to meet with raikage brother so he will teach you how to control nine tail. you must go and meet him at once and take someone with you.

While they are talking sakura .shizune and shikamru still in shocked about naruto the son of fourth hokage .


Gold Room Escape walkthrough, game, tips, hints, guide, cheats

Gold Room Escape walkthrough. This game from MiniGamePortal is designed to cater the gaming needs of the online game fanatics. Gold Room Escape is another point and click room escape game. In this game, you have to search for gold and jewelery, then get the key and escape the room! Can you able to escape the gold room? Enjoy this game!


The Ballad of Ketinetto Part 7 walkthrough, game, tips, hints, guide, cheats

The Ballad of Ketinetto Part 7 walkthrough. This game created by Federico Rutenberg is the seventh episode of The Ballad of Ketinetto designed to cater the gaming needs of the online fanatics. It is a point and click adventure game also from the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. In this game, you have to point and click on right places to collect some things and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Enjoy this game!


Mouse Maniac walkthrough, game, tips, hints, guide, cheats

Mouse Maniac walkthrough. This game created by Prid is designed to cater the gaming needs of the online game fanatics. Mouse Maniac is another new puzzle type skill game to enjoy. There are 24 Puzzle Games in where you have to do different things, in order to proceed! There are 6 kinds of levels, that are repeated in 4 Difficulties, with the difficulty raised from the previous difficulty, and some changes on the style! Complete all levels. Enjoy this game!


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